(Code: AS29-30-02-N)
Fast ropping releaser, Déblocage rapide des cordes, Desenganche rápido de las cuerdas <br /> PN : AS29-30-02 (Alt : 704A41815126) for AS332/H215M Super Puma, EC725/H225M Super Puma, SA365/H155 Dauphin. All known references for this part :&nbsp; AS29-30-02&nbsp;| AS29-30-02 Fast Ropping releaser|Delivered with Certificate of Conformity,log card and EASA FORM ONE
  1. Fast ropping releaser P/N : AS29-30-02  (Alternative Part Number: 704A41815126). Aircraft compatibilty : AS332/H215M Super Puma, EC725/H225M Super Puma and SA365/H155 Dauphin. The nominal load is 272 kg/600 lb.
    Delivered with Certificate of Conformity, log card and EASA FORM ONE
  2. Dimensions: 132.5 h x 108 x 81 w mm| Weight: 0.7kg / 1.6 lb 
  3. Storage : 5 years in a weatherproof environment, 2 years after overhaul | Overhaulevery 10 years in Authorized Repair Station | Warranty : 24 months for new product, 12 months after repair or overhaul
  4. Nominal load : 272 kg/600 lb | Ultimate load (3.75g) 1020 kg / 2 249 lb | Minimum release load : 3kg/6.6 lb | Operanting temperature : -45°c to + 70°c  (-49°F to 158°F)
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