INSTALLATION KIT | P/N: IS19-100 (Exchange against) PN:S1609-6

(Code: IS19-100/S1609-6-REV)
Installation kit including cargo hook, Kit d'installation avec crochet de charge,  Kit de instalación con gancho <br /> Installation kit including cargo hook pn:  IS10-100, Equipped attachment part pn: IS11-100, Mechanical Cable pn: IS12-100, Electrical Cable pn: IS13-100. All known references for this part :&nbsp; IS10-100&nbsp;| IS10-100 Cargo Hook|Delivered with Certificate of Conformity,log card and EASA FORM ONE


  1. Installation kit INCLUDING the cargo hook IS10-100, equipped attachement part IS11-100, mechanical cable IS12-100 & electric cable IS13-100 is designed for sling load transport missions by helicopter. It can carry a maximum load of 1700Kg/ 3740 Lb under the helicopter.This new part is available as a standard exchange against your old S1609-6 (Siret)
    Delivered with Certificate of Conformity, log card and EASA FORM ONE
  2. Dimensions: 166 h X 139 l x 110,9 w mm| Weight: 2.2+/- 0.2 kg
  3. Overhaul: Every 5 years or 2000 drops in authorized repair station | Warranty :  24 months for new product, 12 months after repair or overhaul | Storage : 5 years in weatherproof environment, 2 years after overhaul 
  4.  Power supply: 22 to 32 V DC | Consumption (during electrical release): 11 A with 32 V | Electrical connection to the helicopter wiring via series connector ( 8525-10R14B12PNH) |Useful load: 1700 kg | Minimum  Release load: 3kg | Indicator : loaded control | Loading: Manual | Normal Control: Electrical | Emergency Control: Mechanical by flexible cable Manual on ground | Ambient operanting temperature : -45°c to + 70°c  (-49°F to 158°F)