Bell 407 Ground Handling Wheels|P/N:AM-RDM-407

(Code: AM-RDM-407-N)
Alternative Part Number : BDW-BELL-2|BDW-206JR

Ground Handling Wheels, double type, for installation on helicopter skis Bell 407 and Bell Long Ranger, in all versions. The HELIMOB 407 equipment has the function of suspending the aircraft from the ground and making it possible to move the landed helicopter.
Equipment with highly reliable mechanical drive, free of hydraulic systems / leaks and battery dependence.
Bell 407 Ground Handling Wheels
Part number: AM-RDM-407
Alternative Part Number : BDW-BELL-2|BDW-206JR

Delivered with Certificate of Conformity and EASA FORM ONE (if delivered by the manufacturer)

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