(Code: 2085-O)
Airlink 2085 | Integrated Headset 2085  WI 407 + BCH 407A
  1. Mobile Integrated Headset  includingthe the charger.  This  wireless headset can be  configured (via USB) to behave units or as mobile units.  The ground agene is no longer limited in his movements by the lenght of extension cable. 
  2. Resistance : Very robust against weather conditions (rain, snow, cold, warm, wind…), from -20°C to 40°C
  3.  Warranty :  24 months 
  4.  Radio:Audioconference between up to 4 or 5 operators | Full duplex communication (user can transmit and receive at the same time) | Wideband audio (100Hz/7KHz), without interference or noise | Range up to 300 m from the base station (some reduction can be observed if an obstacle is present) | Digital encrypted system (32kb/s, other LANs cannot interfere with the communication) | Dect technology, 1.9 GHz, very reliable thanks to a dedicated radio band | Adaptability: Possibility of direct connection of the helmet to the helmet (no base unit needed) (for defrosting, maintenance ...) |USB configurable via PC or laptop (dedicated software to configure warnings, PTT options and many more ...) | Power : Easy-to-remove |550mAh lithium battery OR 2 standard AA battery slots | Autonomy up to 14 hours of constant communication use | Option: Connect to an external radio (VHF or TETRA or...), or to a cell phone by wire, or Bluetooth
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