General Conditions of Sale

 Rotorplace - Helicopter parts


The order of products or service provision is validated :

1- By the acceptance of the general terms of the website by the client

2- By the confirmation of the order by the website manager

3- By the prior full payment of the order within 8 days.


 1- Products :

After acceptance and validation, the order becomes definitive and cannot be the subject of a retraction or cancellation by the client;

The website alone reserves the option of not going ahead with the order if it results from circumstances not attributable to it that the order cannot be honoured notably owing to the manufacturer.

2- Service provision

In case of refusal to perform services after the expertise of his part, the customer will have to pay all the costs incurred for the expertise of the part. The amount of the costs of the expertise will be defined by the MRO workshops. After the payment of the expertise costs the customer will have to inform ROTORPLACE, what he wishes to do with his body.


The customer declares that he has read the references of the articles presented for sale and that his order corresponds perfectly to the type of appliance for which he ordered the part in question;

Some images are not contractual, for your orders, please base your order on the Part Number of the product.

The ROTORPLACE by HNI site could not be responsible for an error of order coming from a bad referencing of the manufacturer or a confusion of the customer.

If the manufacturer or workshop declines an alternative, the order remains valid.

The part ordered comes directly from the manufacturer and/or the PART145 approved workshop; therefore the customer benefits directly and solely from the legal and contractual guarantee of the manufacturer and/or the PART145 approved workshop according to the conditions applied by Eux to the exclusion of any other guarantee from the ROTORPLACE by HNI site;

Similarly, the technical characteristics are defined under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and/or the PART145 approved workshop.

In the event of difficulty, the customer must contact the manufacturer and/or the PART145 approved workshop directly to exercise any recourse under the guarantee or in the event of damage attributable to the part that is the subject of the order.

The site could not accept any responsibility for the head of the order, its consequences and direct and indirect damages of any nature that could occur.


The delivery deadline is for information only and depends solely on the manufacturer; the ROTORPLACE by HNI website cannot be held responsible for a delay attributable to the manufacturer or carrier;

Likewise the ROTORPLACE by HNI website cannot be held responsible for a modification of the major technical characteristics of the part ordered, making its use by the client impossible or the manufacturer running out of stock.

In both cases it shall be refined solely to the reimbursement of the order without the client being able to claim any indemnity in any respect whatsoever.

Likewise the website may modify the order depending on new manufacturing or engineering requirements, obsolescence or modifications to standards and regulations provided that these modifications do not affect the performances of the part, its reliability or conformity in relation to the recipient appliance in the event the website informs the client of a potential modification of the price in order that the supplement is paid before being shipped by the manufacturer.

The company HELINETWORK INTERNATIONAL owner of  ROTORPLACE by HNI site would not be responsible for a price change made by the manufacturer. Rotorplace therefore reserves the right to change rates at any time.


The transfer of ownership shall be effective after payment of the full price of the order so that after validation of the order and full payment the client shall solely assume the risks;


The client shall personally attend to paying all taxes of any kind and customs duties; any late payment on these grounds cannot be attributable to the website notably in the event of penalties and immobilisation of the order.

The customer shall ensure in advance that his country is not subject to the prior obtaining of a 02 licence for the import of civil helicopters and their spare parts. Countries under international trade sanctions that require a licence are: Belarus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, China, Eritrea, Guinea, Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, Lebanon, Liberia, Myanmar, Russian Federation, North Korea, Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe. If your country is licensed, please contact us at; this country list is not exhaustive and may be subject to change according to new instructions from the French Customs Department. Rotroplace shall under no circumstances be liable if the equipment is blocked at customs because the customer has not previously checked with Rotorplace by HNI that an export licence is required.


The client shall be the only one authorised to receive the order; it must inform the website and the manufacturer in the event of any duly observed non-conformity or defect.

It shall exercise any potential appeal directly against the manufacturer and the carrier according to the origin of the problem;


In the event of a potential dispute, the parties agree prior to any proceedings to refer to an arbitrator to attempt to find an amicable solution;

Failing this and in the event of proceedings, the commercial court of AIX EN PROVENCE shall solely have jurisdiction to judge any dispute even in the event of the introduction of third parties or multiple respondents.


These conditions constitute a set of contractual indivisible provisions so that no party can invoke them to be exonerated from them in full or part.


The transport shall be the responsibility of the client at its exclusive costs; it shall alone have the choice of the means of transport, the carrier and the applicable rate.

On this subject the website proposes several means of transport without the website being committed on behalf of such or such a carrier;

Likewise the transport shall be carried out at the exclusive risks and perils of the client that must take out insurance covering the risks of loss, theft and damage to the goods during transport.  The incoterm is Ex-Work (EXW) according to the incoterm CCI 2010.

The website cannot be concerned in any way whatsoever on these grounds; no appeal can be exercised against it.